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My Health Journey

I was first Diagnosed with Colitis in 2018, just after my grandmother had past away.  I was going through a life changing and stressful time, so it make sense that I would flare up. I had mild symptoms for 6 months, and then it go really bad, and so I get rushed to emergency! They made an appointment for me to meet with a doctor, and he said that I should get a colonoscopy. It was very scary, but I got through it.  It was right after I woke up from the anesthesia that he told me that I had Ulcerative colitis. All we were told was to eat junk food and we were given a scary pamphlet that basically said that I would be in pain for the rest of my life, would get cancer, and never have kids. Turns out those things are not true! I did not just have to be on the "Junk food only" diet, and I also think I will be able to have kids! I am now finally in remission after many hospital visits, and many painful months! -Gutsy Girly


Hi there and welcome back to my blog. This will be a very short post as I am wanting to get straight to the point.  If you would like to subscribe to my blog, simply send me an email using the contact option over there and I will add you to the list.   My widget has not been working. For those of you who did already try to subscribe, I am sorry for any confusion.    The contact form is right there.

I got a JUICER

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  This mother's day, my mom mentioned wanting to get a juicer.  Because we are in quarantine, we could not go into the store to buy it, and my dad being the online shopper that he is, he ordered it for her, and it came the very next day! A juicer is a machine that you can put all sorts of vegetables and fruits into, and it makes it into juice. The juicer that we have is the  Hurom slow juicer  and it is really great.  I love to make juice in the mornings, because it is super energizing.  The only issue that I have with juicing is that it can be a hassle to clean.  Although it can be difficult to clean, I definitely feel as though the positives out weigh the negatives.  Here is a list of some of my favorite juices to make Ginger carrot juice Kale, spinach and apple Strawberry and orange Kiwi and kale and ginger and so many more Thank you for reading and I highly suggest that you buy a juicer! -Gutsy girly

IBD related apps?

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am just wondering if anyone has a recommended app that they use to keep track of your IBD?  I used to use a great app, but unfortunately, it got taken off the app store. I like to be able to journal my food because it can be helpful to look back on what I ate on any given day, and to make sure that I am eating a balanced meal.  I like to also track my weight, Hydration,  exercise, and bowel movements, as well as medication and notes that doctors have given me. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to leave them in the comment section! Thanks for reading -Gutsy girly

Still on the SCD diet?

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be talking more about my health... I was in the ER a few weeks ago with 10/10 pain (that's really bad because I have a terribly high pain tolerance)  My iron was very low and I no longer found joy in food, which was making me sad.  Me and my mom made a decision to go off of the SCD diet, because it was what was best in that time for my mental health. I am still eating only whole foods, and staying away from most sugars.  I am making  conscientious choices with what I am eating but now I am much more happy and excited to wake up in the monring for breakfast.  This does not mean that I will stop blogging, it just means that the theme of the blog with move away from SCD and focus on some different things! So far so good! Thanks for reading and supporting me on my journey! -Gusty girly

Weight is a confusing thing?!?!

Hi and welcome back to my blog! Isn't weight so confusing?  I have battled with being underweight my entire life. It was just how I was born.  for some reason, people really seem to hate bodies!?  If your overweight, people body shame you. If you are underweight, people body shame you. If you are the "normal" weight, people body shame you.  ( "'s because no one is the "normal weight" there is no such thing as the perfect anything) Why? Everybody is perfect the way they are. The way they were born. Even if nobody hates on us, we hate on ourselves.  Because I am underweight, people have said the rudest things to me like: "Where does all of your food go."  "Do you even eat?" "You look anorexic"  "You look like a toothpick"  "It must be nice to be so thin" "Your skinny, so I bet you never have to worry about what you eat."  (haha yeah right) "Your so un-Curvey." And many more hurtful thin

Making a good-food meal for my family

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Recently, my mom has received a free membership for  Make good food It is a website, where every week, you get to choose a meal on their website, and they send you all of the necessary food for that meal right to your door, with the recipe included! (this is not sponsored, I just really loved it) I made it all by myself and it was really easy and fun to make. the meal that I made was the  Beets n' beef burger And no, this is not the photo that was included, but the photo that I took. Look at how darn professional this thing looks! WOW! Now you can enjoy watching me make it right down there! Thank you so much for reading, you can get your free trial to make good food now, and trust me, you will not regret it! -Gutsy girly


Hi, And welcome back to my Blog! Today I am going to be talking about tea! Tea is a great way to relax or energize. Start your day, or end your night.    This post will be somewhat like  This post  where I talk about the different bath things and the benefits.  Enjoy! Tea is one of my favorite things to drink at night, while I read or journal (which can also be helpful to reduce stress and build a strong relationship with yourself) (Thanks to for this image) (Thanks to  for this image) Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! -Gutsy Girly

Some technical difficulties (please read)

Hi there and welcome back to my blog!  On my website, I was having some issues with commenting and subscribing.  Here I have taken some screenshots and so I hope this will help those wanting to comment until this is fixed. As for subscribing you have to enter your email at the top of the page, and then verify that you are not a robot. FOR COMMENTING: scroll to the bottom of the post, and chose how you want to comment, anonymous, with a name and URL, or through your Google profile.   Then enter your comment  Then hit the publish button  Then you will have to verify that you are not a robot  you can also hit 'notify me' if you want to know when someone comments on your post hit the publish button again you will see a thing at the bottom saying 'your comment has been published' Thanks for reading and I hope that this helps anyone that was confused! -Gusty Girly

I got Kittens!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be doing something a little bit different! I am going to be talking about the new additions to my family instead of my health!! In November 2019, I started the process to adopt 2 10 week old kittens. My older sibling and I have been wanting kittens forever, and our parents finally said yes! At the end of November, we went to pick them up from the foster mom's home and it was very exciting.  Kittens are a lot of work, and so I adopted 1, and My older Sibling also adopted one.  In the beginning, the foster parents had named the kittens already, but we decided to change them. My sibling adopted the little, quiet girl, and I adopted a big energetic boy! Their original names where Mew (for the girl) and Squirtle (for the boy) and where named after Pokemon characters. I decided to name Squirtle Finnagin, but we mostly call him Finn, or Chungus, because he is very fat. And my Sibling renamed Mew to Mercury. When we first got them they

Websites to learn about IBD

Hello and welcome back to my blog!  Today I am simply listing the websites that helped me while I was trying to learn about my disease.  The list is not very long but I will update it as I continue to learn.  Crohn's and Colitis Canada Crohn's and Colitis foundation IBD relief website Everyday health Thank you for reading! -Gutsy Girly

Coronavirus got you down? here are some things you can do at home!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I know that times like these can be really hard because we are in quarantine! In this blog, I am going to be listing plenty of fun things that you can do at home, and not as a person who has IBD, but as a Teen! I understand that these times can be stressful, and so it can be hard to do certain things, but just know that you are not alone. I have been pretty stressed out about my school work, and because stress can cause a flare, I have been taking a bit of a mental health break, because that is very important to me.  While it can be a good escape to just binge Netflix when you are feeling stressed or bored (so I will include a list of good shows) but it is all about finding a balance.  To much screen time is also not good for your mental health! I find fresh air helpful for my mental health, and I have a Fitbit to monitor my steps. I fave my daily goal set to 3,000 which is very doable for me, and so even though it isn't much, it still is better t

Bath time!

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog! Something that I like to do when I am stressed or tired, I like to have a bath.  The heat is relaxing and you can add things that are good for your muscles and for helping to strengthen your immune system, which we all need in times like these. I also like hot water bottles, to ease pain, which can be a good alternative for people who don't like baths.  Here is a list of products that I like to use when I am having a bath.  Essential oils Sage is a very good brand Peppermint:  used to boost energy and  aid digestion Lavender:  used to relieve stress Sandalwood:  used to calm nerves and help with focus Bergamot:  used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema Rose:  used to improve mood and reduce anxiety Chamomile:  used to improve mood and relaxation Ylang-Ylang:  used to treat headaches,  nausea , and skin conditions Tea Tree:  used to fight infections and boost immunity Jasmine:  used to help with depression, childbirth, and  l

Please read (coronavirus)

Hi everyone! Welcome back to a blog that I hope makes you feel happy! In this time of crisis I know that it can be very hard.  I know that quite a few people with IBD or another chronic illness are immune compromised, and having the extra stress of the coronavirus is very scary.  I myself am also immune compromised, and it is quite intimidating to know that I am susceptible to the virus.  The best thing for all of us to do, is to stay positive and stay inside.  Thank you so much for reading, and I hope everyone is staying safe inside! A big thank you to the frontline workers! Without you, I would not be where I am today!  Please share this post with a friend! A new YouTube series that I highly recommend that people check out is called "some good news." I will link it below! this is the YouTube channel name! It is a series run by John Krasinski and it it to help us stay hopeful in these tough times!  Thanks for reading and stay safe! -Gutsy Girly Disclaimer: I am not a doctor!

My most recent update Blog: 1

Hi there everyone! I realize that recently, I have not been posting many new recipes or posts, but I have an explanation! I have been not feeling well ☹️ Don't worry, I will try to post more often once I am feeling better, but for now I am taking a bit of a break. I have been very nauseous, and faint, with hardly any energy, and pain in my stomach.  I am pretty sure that I am not flaring, but I will keep my fingers crossed.  I feel as though this time is stressful, which could definitely be elevating the situation, but I also feel that something deeper is definitely going on.  I have restarted on the SCD entry deit, and I am loving it so far. I have found that Apple cider popcicles and Jello really help with nausea, but that may just be me!  I have also been loving eating chicken soup, and I just introduced beef patties and eggs (hard boiled is what I am craving right now) and a small amount of avacado!  I hope to start feeling better soon. Just remember, that if you are going thro

Easy recipes with few ingredients while we are in quarantine

I know that these are crazy times, what with the global crisis going on, and for some, this is very stressful (understood) A lot of people like to bake when they are feeling stressed, and since we are all stuck at home, we have a lot of spare time to do this! Quite a few of store are out of stock, and so it can be hard to find what you need to bake, so all of the recipes are fairly simple, and the majority of people (who like to bake) will have these ingredients in their homes already! I have decided to link a few of my favorite recipes that I have made while in quarantine here! Remember to stay safe in these times, and look after those around you, even if that means not spending time with them!  First is my all-time favorite recipe as of late. These cinnamon buns were so delicious and relatively easy to make! I was inspired when a friend of mine shared recipe 2. with me, which are cinnamon bun muffins. After that, I wondered if I could find an actual cinnamon bun rec

Things to put in school lunches

Hello, welcome to my blog. Today I will be giving you an Idea of what you can pack in school lunches for people on the SCD diet! enjoy Fruit whole or cut up veggies whole or cut up SCD crackers with cheese Meats (no SUGAR added) Mixed nuts (make sure to check allergies) Salad in a jar Eggs  (hard boiled are my favorite) Avocado SCD waffles or pancakes with jam Smoothies SCD fruit leather (recipe coming soon) This is not much, but I will be adding to this list as time goes on. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and of course eating it! -Gutsy Girly

SCD Pie Crust

Around the holidays, there is nothing better than apple pie! But who says you have to have it only around the holidays? it is the middle of summer right now, and I really wanted apple pie, so I decided that I would make one. I love it when my apple pie has many different spices and flavors, such as vanilla, lemon, and of course cinnamon! I hope you enjoy my SCD pie Crust RECIPE SCD pie Crust Ready in 50 minutes Yields 1 large pie crust, or 4 mini pie crusts Ingredients ¾ cup almond flour ½ cup coconut flour 1 egg ¼ cup butter ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ cup honey 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract 3 tablespoons of cinnamon ⅓ cup coconut oil Preparation Preheat oven to 350 degrees Combine the almond flour, coconut flour, salt, Cinnamon, and baking soda in a bowl, and mix together In a separate bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients, mixing with an electric mixer Add the dry ingredients into the wet in

My SCD Pizza recipe!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today's blog tells you how to make a delicious SCD pizza crust and a recommendation of  good toppings. Enjoy! RECIPE SCD pizza crust Ready in 30 Minutes Serves 3 people Ingredients 2 eggs 2 cups almond flour 2 tablespoons of olive oil Preparation Preheat oven to 350 degrees Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Lay parchment out onto a cookie sheet Put pizza dough onto the parchment Put another piece of parchment on top of  dough Use a rolling pin to roll out dough Add your toppings Cook for 10-20 minutes (until crispy) Tips Toppings I find good: Cooked carrot slices Cheese (obviously) Prosciutto Spinach Basil Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed making this pizza, and of course, eating it! -Gutsy Girly

SCD almond milk (super easy)

Hi there! this post will be super short because of how easy this almond milk is! I often like to have a cup of tea in the morning or late at night in front of the fire with my book. I prefer earl grey, but was unable to have it for a while, because I prefer it with milk. I have tried the ones that are sold at the stores, but am not a big fan of all of the additives. This is easy to make, does not cost much, and is much better for you. The Ingredients Almonds Water Salt The tools and supplies A blender (I use Vitamix) A jar with sealed lid (Bernardine jars work well) A cheese cloth or nut bag Instructions Put one cup of almonds in a jar add a pinch of salt fill jar with water put lid on jar let sit in the jar over night after let sit, drain the water and add almonds to the blender add three cups of water to the blender and blend. once fully blended, pour the almond mix into the nut bag that is being held over a bowl. Get all of the liquid out of the nut