Weight is a confusing thing?!?!

Hi and welcome back to my blog!

Isn't weight so confusing? 
I have battled with being underweight my entire life. It was just how I was born. 
for some reason, people really seem to hate bodies!? 

If your overweight, people body shame you.

If you are underweight, people body shame you.

If you are the "normal" weight, people body shame you. 
( "'s because no one is the "normal weight" there is no such thing as the perfect anything)

Everybody is perfect the way they are. The way they were born. Even if nobody hates on us, we hate on ourselves. 
Because I am underweight, people have said the rudest things to me like:
"Where does all of your food go." 
"Do you even eat?"
"You look anorexic" 
"You look like a toothpick" 
"It must be nice to be so thin"
"Your skinny, so I bet you never have to worry about what you eat."  (haha yeah right)
"Your so un-Curvey."

And many more hurtful things, that yes, I may laugh at the time, but in actual fact they are hurtful. 
You should never say those things to someone Underweight, and honestly, you shouldn't comment on anyone's weight. 

I hope that someone feels like this has helped them, even if it's not entirely about weight, everyone experiences body shaming! 

Thanks for reading! 
-Gutsy girly


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