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Easy recipes with few ingredients while we are in quarantine

I know that these are crazy times, what with the global crisis going on, and for some, this is very stressful (understood) A lot of people like to bake when they are feeling stressed, and since we are all stuck at home, we have a lot of spare time to do this! Quite a few of store are out of stock, and so it can be hard to find what you need to bake, so all of the recipes are fairly simple, and the majority of people (who like to bake) will have these ingredients in their homes already! I have decided to link a few of my favorite recipes that I have made while in quarantine here! Remember to stay safe in these times, and look after those around you, even if that means not spending time with them!  First is my all-time favorite recipe as of late. These cinnamon buns were so delicious and relatively easy to make! I was inspired when a friend of mine shared recipe 2. with me, which are cinnamon bun muffins. After that, I wondered if I could find an actual cinnamon bun rec