My Best Recipes, and where to find them!

The first recipe is very warm and comforting, while also cool and exciting! what could it be???
Gut friendly Chia Tea Popsicle's!

Gut friendly Chia tea Popsicle's

These (non) sweet treats are lots of fun to make, and taste great, for the comfort of Chia tea all year round!

This next recipe is very delicious. I grew up loving banana bread, and once, my mom made it without sugar, and I remember it tasting better! the natural banana flavor is so strong and sweet, that you don't need actual sugar!

My favorite gut friendly banana bread

this next recipe is super delicious, and full of warm feeling spices!
This recipe is very good for around the cold seasons, like winter and fall, because that is when we celebrate Christmas, and thanksgiving!

Amazing Apple pie filling

this smoothie is delicious, it is full of flavors that go well together, and is very light and fluffy!

Strawberry and Banana smoothie


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