Tips for dealing with IBD in a teen

Being a teen with IBD can be hard. how do I know?
Well, I am a teen with IBD.
 I am very lucky to live in a place with lots of doctors who specialize in IBD, and so I am extremely grateful. While there is no cure yet, I am hopeful that in my lifetime there will be.
I am very grateful as well for my family, because they are my greatest supporters!
This last year, I had 4 hospital over night stays. I also had about a hundred doctors appointments!
These are some tips I learned along the way, so if you are a teen with IBD, or are in the hospital, these will hopefully help you!

Tips for being in a better head space

  1. Know that it will get better
  2. have items or people that make you happy around you
  3. love yourself
  4. trust your GUT
  5. speak for yourself, stand up for what you want
  6. show that IBD who's boss
  7. make the most of spending time with the people that you love
  8. don't let your mental health come last, it comes first
  9. Trust! 
  10. love!
  11. laugh!
  12. live!
I hope that at least one of these tips has helped you on your IBD journey!
If you are do not have IBD, that is fine to, these stand for everyone.

Here are tips to deal with stress*
  1. Get good sleep
  2. manage your time
  3. avoid caffeine
  4. indulge in physical activity
  5. talk to someone, tell them your feelings (trust me it helps) 
  6. Eat good (as in healthy) food
  7. laugh, have fun
  8. do yoga
  9. or do martial arts
*Stress can make your IBD worse, so make sure that you are watching and making sure not to put yourself into stressful situations.

Thank you for reading and I hope these tips have helped you in some way
-Gutsy Girly


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