SCD, gut friendly Chai Tea Popsicle's

There are Certain things that come in winter, that I miss when it is summer!
Such as cozy, warm, Chai tea!

I also find it odd to have such a warm drink, when it is burning hot outside!
Craving Chai tea+ Hot outside = Chia Tea Popsicle's

SCD, Gut friendly Chai Tea Popsicle's 

Ready in 3 hours
Serves 8 people


  • Water (boiled)
  • Chai spice tea (Preferably an SCD friendly one of your choice) 
  • Coconut, almond, cashew, or cows milk 

Tools Needed
For this recipe you will need  a Popsicle mold


  1. First, get your Popsicle mold, and fill it ⅓ full of your choice of milk!
  2. Next put it in the freezer for 1 hour
  3. While in the freezer boil about 2 cups of water
  4. Steep the chai tea, with 2 tea back for extra strength
  5. Let your tea cool completely outside of the fridge
  6. Pour the tea into the remaining area of the Popsicle mold
  7. Put the mold into the freezer for 2 hours
  8. Enjoy! 


You can store them in the freezer for up to a week!

I hope you enjoyed making these Popsicle's, and of course, licking them!
-Gutsy Girly


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