Welcome to my Blog!

Hi all, and welcome to my Blog!
I am the kind of person who loves to bake, and experiment, ever since I was really little, I have loved baking. Something about it is very calming to me.

In December 2018, I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which, I soon after found out, has many dietary restrictions.

SCD Banana Bread
Since I was young, I not only had a love for baking, I also have had an undeniable sweet tooth.

If you know about the SCD diet, than you know, that you are not allowed to eat ANY refined sugars. 

When I started out I thought "But how can I live without sugar? Sugar is in everything!"  As it turns out, there are actually a lot of amazing, delicious, SCD friendly, sugar free foods!

This is my blog, where I will take you along on my IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) journey!

We will make all sorts of delicious snacks, meals, desserts, and my favorite, Cakes!

So dive in with me and take a bite!!

I would like to thank Danielle Walker, who is a fellow blogger. Although I have never met her personally, her recipes are what make my tummy happy!

She is the the New York Times best selling author of "Against All Grains" and is an inspiration to me!
Check out her Blog here!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my future recipes!
-Gutsy Girly


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